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The RECEPTAL® suction canister system provides the economic benefits of both a reusable canister and flexible disposable liners. A closed disposable liner suction system securely isolates all suction waste with single or multiple set-ups having a capacity up to 24L without disconnection.

The seamless disposable liners are 100% leak tested and designed with permanent lids which eliminates lid assembly. Compact flexible liners are easy to store and light weight, which help to reduce disposal costs compared to more rigid designs. Liners pre-treated with solidifier advance safety and efficiency by removing the need to open ports and add bottled solidifiers.

The RECEPTAL® liner safety platform includes a permanently attached multifunctional connecting tube which helps decrease risk of fluid exposure and improves ease of use. Supporting best practice, RECEPTAL® integrates VAC-GARD® an anti-bacterial non-mechanical shut-off valve which prevents back flow of bio-aerosols and fluids into the vacuum system. The unique design allows air to pass through the filter when dry and closes upon fluid contact to protect the vacuum source. VAC-GARD® contains a 0.3μ anti-bacterial filter effective in eliminating 99.9% of pseudomonas.

The RECEPTAL® suction canister system includes the ACCU-MEASURE® device. A 250cc critical measurement device calibrated to scale easily attaches to the side of the RECEPTAL® canister. This enables the user to make contact-free critical measurements of smaller quantities of aspirate (i.e. during pediatric procedures). In addition, RECEPTAL® includes an anti-foaming emulsion that protects froth formation and aerosolization. This enhanced safety feature is designed to reduce contaminant exposure while maximizing fluid capacity.

The breadth of Amsino’s RECEPTAL® waste fluid management system enhances patient quality of care through clinical efficacy, ease of use, product selection and key safety features.

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