Carolon – 540 – CAP Anti-Embolism Knee-Length Stockings, X-Large Short



Anti-embolism Stockings CAP Knee-high are knee high compression socks that are ideal for patients who experience venous disorders and are seeking a non-invasive treatment therapy. These pressure stockings have a comfortable tension band that doesn’t cause a tourniquet effect, as opposed to many other types of compression hosiery. If you’ve been living with pain and inflammation caused by venous disorders, these knee high compression socks are the ideal solution for you.

Anti-embolism Stockings CAP Knee-high contain an easy to use inspection hole at the bottom of the foot, which makes it easy for healthcare providers and caretakers to closely monitor patients’ pulse, skin color and temperature. These pressure stockings are a great solution for caretakers, healthcare providers and patients. The non-invasive band on these stockings also guarantee that patients of all shapes and sizes can wear these compression stockings comfortably and without discomfort.

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  • Ideal for patients or customers with serious venous disorders who are seeking non-invasive treatment
  • Contain a comfortable, knee-high tension band that does not create a tourniquet effect
  • Convenient inspection hole located at the bottom of the hosiery, making it easy for caretakers to check pulse, skin color and temperature
  • Flexible fabric is ideal for patients of all shapes and sizes

Anti-embolism Stockings CAP Knee-high Specifications

  • Product number: 511, 512, 520, 521, 522, 530, 531, 532, 540, 541, 551, 552, 561, 562.
  • Manufacturer: Carolon Company.
  • Length: Knee high.
  • Toe Type: Inspection toe.
  • Compression: 18 mmHg
  • Color: White.