ohmeda enfluratec 5



Offers significant performance and convenience benefits, coupled with important safety features, to improve the clinical management of volatile anesthetic agents in continuous flow techniques.

The Tec 5 Vaporizer is designed for out of circuit use in continuous flow techniques of inhalation
The vaporizer is temperature, flow and pressure compensated so that its output remains relatively
constant despite cooling due to evaporation, variations in inlet flow and fluctuating pressures as
described in Section 7.2 Effect of Variables.
Each vaporizer is agent specific and is clearly labelled with the name of the anaesthetic agent for which
it is designed.
The vaporizer is designed to be used on Selectatec Series Mounted Manifolds. The vaporizer can be
installed on other Selectatec Manifolds but the interlock system is designed to function on Selectatec
Series Mounted Manifolds only.

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