Laerdal Baby Anne 3-pack



Baby Anne™ is an excellent training manikin for teaching Infant CPR. It has a unique, built-in foreign body airway obstruction feature, and an inexpensive, easy to maintain airway system designed for one-to-one student-to-manikin practice. Comes with a soft pack bag with storage space for accessories. Baby Anne™ Quad Pack includes 4 Baby Anne™ manikins, 24 airways, 40 foreign body practice objects, and direction for use, all in an easy to handle Quad Soft Pack Bag.

Key features include:

  • Realistic airway occlusion
  • Easy to ventilate
  • Jaw thrust
  • Realistic ventilation volume
  • Airway occlusion during hyperflexion
  • Realistic feel of chest compressions
  • Natural chest rise and fall
  • Realistic nose and mouth for easy seal