Standard Laryngoscope Sets



Our superb Eclipse blades set the standard for levering tip blade intubation. Available in reusable and single use fibre optic versions, each blade is designed to give improved visualisation in difficult airway situations.

The tilting tip style Macintosh blade was designed for performing difficult intubations.

Our Eclipse blade incorporates the ViewMax spatula profile and a specially angled fibre optic core which enables the user to position the tip of the blade quickly and easily into the vallecula, using minimum force. The levered tilting tip can then be used to indirectly raise the epiglottis and offer comfortable access to the trachea for intubation. These advantages are also believed to offer a reduction in the level and occurence of post operative throat soreness.

Viewmax profile

  • Fibre optic illumination provides the user with a bright, white light which is directed to exactly where illumination is needed by the fibre optic core.
  • Flexible tilting tip for clearer visulation even in cases of difficult airways.
  • ISO 7376 compatible.
  • Levering tip.
  • Fully autoclaveable.
  • Lifetime guarantee.


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