physio med knee immobilizer

physio med knee immobilizer



This brace can be used from adolescence into middle age to support the knee joint and its ligaments. It is a very good lightweight sports brace suitable for most sports including contact sport (rules allowing). More specifically it is suitable for:

  • Damaged and injured Medial Ligament complex of the knee
  • Damaged and injured  lateral Ligament complex of the knee
  • Anterior and posterior cruciate sprains when the knee remains stable
  • Minor cartilage (meniscal) injuries to provide added protection
  • Weak or vulnerable knees when extra support is needed
  • Use when skiing and snowboarding for extra confidence
  • Use when training for extra confidence
  • Use as a sporting brace (where rules allow)
  • Use in manual jobs to provide extra support to injured or inflamed joints
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