oxygen humidifier bottle



Oxygen is a dry gas, when it is delivered in excess of 4 litres per minute or when using a Nasal Cannula, it is recommended that it is humidified to prevent damaging the respiratory tract.

Oxygen Bubble Humidifiers are used to provide humidified oxygen to patients both in hospital or at home.

The PVC filter at the end of the inlet tube produces very small bubbles of gas, thus increasing the contact surface providing maximum humidity picked up by the bubbles. At the same time, the tiny bubbles produce very low noise unlike larger bubbles, helping patient rest.

Bottle is supplied with the connector that enables it to be fitted to a Fire Tree Outlet of an Oxygen Flowmeter.

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Water Bottle Humidifier for Oxygen Concentrator The translucent jar is permanently etched with maximum/minimum water level markings that are easy to read and will not wash, wear or rub off. Ideal for use with all oxygen sources including concentrators, liquid