CARESCAPE dinamap V100 Monitor


The CARESCAPE* V100 Monitor is a low-acuity patient monitor that supports you in making fast, quality care decisions.


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Reliable, low acuity patient monitoring

The CARESCAPE V100 monitor is a reliable, easy-to-use vital signs monitor that helps you care for many patients efficiently. Its speed, accuracy and mobility allow you to collect the right information at the point of care, and present it wherever it is needed, so you can make fast, quality care decisions.

Durable and mobile

Not only can the CARESCAPE V100 monitor withstand the rigors of tough clinical use and cleaning, the battery has a long run time – typically eight to 11 hours before requiring recharge. And if the battery is discharged, it maintains the data, and you can plug it in and continue to use the monitor. This long battery life allows you to flexibly move the monitor from one patient room to the next for the course of a shift.

Clinical excellence inside

By combining fast determination times with an advanced algorithm, the CARESCAPE V100 monitor helps ensure patient comfort while maintaining a high standard of clinical accuracy. It also includes the same advanced parameters and algorithms as other higher acuity GE monitors, ensuring measurement consistency across all care areas.

Providing information where you need it when you need it

When combined with the Mobile Vitals Plus** application1, vital sign information is sent to the EMR in real time, right from the bedside, eliminating documentation and transcription errors and lag time. Not only does this allow you to spend more time with your patients, but it makes vital sign data accessible on the CARESCAPE CIC Pro central station, CARESCAPE iPanel, CARESCAPE Mobile Viewers or anywhere it is needed for making fast, efficient care decisions.