Bayer Healthcare Clinitek Status Urine Analysis Analyzer



The Bayer Clinitek Status® Urine Analyzer is an ideal solution for high-standard urinalysis testing. It is capable of providing accurate on-the-spot semi-quantitative results in 1 minute, and requires minimum operation training. The Bayer Clinitek Status® can also be connected to a PC thru its RS-232 serial port.

Programmed to surmount most probable human imprecisions with its state-of-the-art automation and visually-read results, the Clinitek Status® offers outstanding accuracy and reliability using both industry-standard Multistix® and special cassettes.

This Bayer Urine Analyzer is also capable of performing pregnancy tests using the new Clinitest® hCG system. Moreover, it features the new Clinitek® Microalbumin which enables detection of kidney abnormalities before they turn into fatal diseases.

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