Photo-Therapy 4000



The combination of blue and white lights with optimized outputs provides accelerated reduction of high levels of serum bilirubin.

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Phototherapy in a new light

With its high reliability and low running costs*, the Photo-Therapy 4000 is recommended as a highly effective piece of pediatric equipment for use in the breakdown of high concentrations of bilirubin.

Balanced therapy for high levels of bilirubin

The PT 4000 provides a high intensity light (irradiance) at the most effective wavelengths and it covers a large surface area of the infant’s bed.

Efficient and effective phototherapy

The blue part of the spectrum, with an absorption peak of 460 nm, is particularly effective for the disintegration of bilirubin. The Dräger “blue” fluorescent lights emit rays precisely in this range and are therefore ideally suited for this treatment*.

Compact dimensions

The low weight, no noise and compact dimensions make this an ideal device for well babies nursery, NICU, and pediatric departments. The Dräger PT 4000 emits most of its light where the blue portion of the light spectrum is most effective in decomposing bilirubin at an absorption peak of 460 nm.