ohmeda biox 3740 pulse oximeter



The Ohmeda Biox 3740 oximeter is a standalone, noninvasive, arterial oxygen saturation monitor. It provides continuous, real-time Sp02 and pulse rate readings. Trend information is available through both the analog and digital output ports. We currently have ten refurbished Ohmeda 3740 pulse oximeters for sale, at a price of $838.24 each. We also sell the Ohmeda 3740 new (Part Number OHM-3740) for $1248.00 We occasionally have refurbished Ohmeda 3700’s, call for availability.


– Alarm Silence Key: silences all audible alarms for 120 seconds – Two Displays: Switches between Large Waveform and Large Number display for easy reading
– Menu/Enter Key: Makes it easier to toggle between menus
– Up and Down Keys: Conveniently adjusts pulse volume during monitoring without using menu
– Alarms: Low Quality Signal Indicator, Low Battery Indicator, High Sp02 and Low Sp02 Limits
– Functions with Ohmeda Probes (Finger Sensors)

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