CosyCot Neopuff Infant Resuscitator


Fisher & Paykel Infant Warmers rewarm and stabilize the newborn baby immediately after delivery. The integrated bassinet and optional accessories offer convenient and easy-to-use equipment for optimal thermal care.

Easy-to-Use • While technologically advanced, we have kept the warmers simple and easy-to-use with one-touch controls.

Warming Without Delay • The Prewarm Mode allows the warmer to be kept ‘baby ready’ without nuisance alarms. When needed the warmer provides safe, powerful and controlled warming to restore the temperature drop experienced by the baby immediately after delivery.

Focused Heating • The small heater makes it easier to work with the baby by efficiently providing even heat distribution across the mattress and not into the surrounding environment.

Configurable • The modular design of the CosyCot™ Infant Warmers allows for modules and accessories to be installed to suit your needs today and as they change in the future.

Lightweight and Mobile • The CosyCot™ Infant Warmer can be easily moved throughout the hospital with the optional UPS Battery Module providing continuous power during transport.


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