air shields resuscitaire radiant warmer



The Air-Shields® Resuscitaire® Birthing Room Warmer utilizes a detachable, high quality wooden cart designed to complement any birthing room or LDRP environment. • This versatile cart may be used with the radiant warmer as a resuscitation bed, or separately as a mobile bassinet. • Each cart integrates a front handle for ease of port bility, and a pull-out shelf for patient chart notations. • A locking front drawer can be used for medications • A slide through access drawer organizers a wide variety of supplies, convenient to either side of the bed. • Front latch detaches the warmer from the cart

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The Air-Shields® Resuscitaire® Wall Mounted Radiant Warmer is supplied complete with Automatic Pre-Warm, Manual and Baby (Servo) modes. Three functionally different control modes provide the clinician the utmost flexibility in creating and maintaining an optimal thermal environment.

• Automatic Pre-Warm, Manual and Baby (Servo) modes of operation

• Powerful, fast quartz heating element

• Warmer head pivots ±90° for storage

• Alarms initiate at a low volume and increase in intensity only if unattended • Our unique Pre-Warm mode allows long-term warming of the mattress with no nuisance alarms.

• Large, bright temperature displays

• Temperature is converted from °C to °F by the push of a button.

• A standard digital Apgar timer audibly signals when 1, 5 and 1.0 minutes have elapsed

• A full complement of alarms for patient safety