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Frazier Suction Tube is a thin instrument used for removing fluid and debris from confined surgical sites such as the nasal cavity, lumbar and cervical regions or intracranially. Suction is controlled by a small hole on the handle and multiple tip sizes are available. The size of the suction tube is indicated by the French measurement scale. This suction tube also feature a thin wire that can be placed into the tube to remove any tissue that may become trapped throughout the suctioning. This product is a size 6 French, angled tube with a 7-1/2 inches overall, working length 4 inches from bend.

French Size (FR) 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 14
HPIS Code 710_780_0_0
Instrument Family Frazier
Instrument Grade German Grade Stainless Steel
Latex Free Yes, No
Specialty Use Neurology, General Use
Type of Instrument Suction Tube
UNSPSC 42295428

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Frazier Suction Tip is a single-patient use surgical instruments offer surgeons more control with a wide selection of tip and tubing. Its malleable, aluminum-insulated shaft resists flaking and finger cut-off control valve allow suction control. It is designed to minimize patient trauma that suitable for Neurosurgery, ENT surgery and in applications where ultra-precise suctioning is required.


  • Manufactured from anodized aluminum for extra flexibility.
  • Malleable aluminum shaft can be bent to desired position provides flexibility during procedures.
  • Ergonomic, high quality and good feel handle allows for better dexterity in the operation performed.
  • Engineered tube joint enabling use as a probe to resist flaking.
  • Stylette clears obstructions and allows the malleable shaft to be bent to the desired position without occlusion.
  • Control valve is conveniently located for gives continuous or intermittent precise control of suction.
  • Graduated connector provides quick and easy fit to many different sizes of suction tubing without wastage.
  • Sterile, double wrapped transparent individual peel pouches.
  • Single-use avoids the need to re-straighten or risk breakage to prevent cross contamination.
  • Available with velvet eyes at tip end to avoid tissue damage.
  • Longer tube type for easier access to hard to reach areas.
  • Available in 6FR, 8FR, 10FR, 12FR and 14FR for procedure versatility.