eschmann TD850 electrosurgery unit



The TD850 electrosurgery unit has taken electrosurgery to new levels of performance, reliability and safety. The knowledge and experience gained in developing the renowned TD411 series have been applied to the TD850, creating one of the most technologically advanced electrosurgery units available today, offering three truly independent outputs.

Can be supplied with these accessories:

– Monopolar blue and yellow footswtiches.

– Bipolar footswitch

– Bipolar cable.

– Bipolar Forceps

– Reusable rubber plate and cable.

– Finger switches.

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Simultaneous Independent Operation
A unique feature of the TD850 is that all three generators can be used simultaneously in either cut or coagulation modes, so up to three surgeons can operate at the same time.

Three generators provide maximum flexibility
The TD850 bipolar and monopolar generators provide cutting and coagulation modes facilitating fast and precise surgery, essential when the minimisation of tissue damage is a priority.

Enhanced safety for you and your patients
The unit incorporates advanced safety monitors which work together to minimise the risk to the patient, surgeon and theatre staff. These include Plate Continuity, Plate Attachment, Patient Earth, Plate Voltage and Excess Power Monitors.

Self diagnosis provides easy error identification and solution
The TD850 electrosurgery unit features a self-diagnostic unit which continually monitors its operation and performance.

Quick set-up mode for your convenience
A fast set-up features assists in setting up the TD850 quickly which can be particularly useful in trauma situations.

Easy to use design
Designed to be easy to use with a colour coded front panel for ease of set up and a pull out card in the bottom of the unit to give guidance on fault conditions.