Arthrex Orthopaedic Procedure Electrosurgical System



The OPES Electrosurgical System includes the first of its kind digital electrosurgical generator that provides surgeons with 3-in-1 system flexibility. The OPES Electrosurgical Generator is capable of controlling a host of different instruments, including disposable OPES arthroscopic ablation probes, disposable monopolar arthroscopic electrodes, reusable and disposable monopolar open procedure pencils and tips, and reusable bipolar forceps. In addition to its standard cut, coag and bipolar modes, the OPES Electrosurgical Generator is equipped with 10 blend modes that can be incrementally adjusted to allow precise tissue ablation or cutting with the right amount of hemostasis.

The OPES Electrosurgical Generator was designed with patient safety as its highest priority. With Fast Digital Feedback System (FDFS) technology, the OPES Electrosurgical Generator can now track changes in tissue impedance on a real time level 5000 t/s, allowing it to adjust the power delivered to the patient according to the power profile of the unit. As the tissue impedance varies, the power is adjusted to deliver a consistent clinical effect. Overall, this technology allows the OPES Electrosurgical Generator to cut or ablate tissue more efficiently with lower power levels over safe temperature ranges in the open or arthroscopic environment. With its Digital Error Detection System (DEDS), the unit instantly disables the output and displays the appropriate error code if there is any sign of return electrode loosening.

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