Apex Serene Therapeutic Support Surface Low Air Loss and Alternating Pressure Combination Mattress



The Apex is an effective alternating overlay/replacement system combined with static therapy mode. By having a series of individual cells inflate and deflate alternatively over about ten- minute cycle, patients receive their adequate pressure relief. The system can be switched to a static therapy mode to reduce the pressure at the interface by means of immersion. It will also be easier to facilitate all kinds of nursing procedures including dressing changes and patient repositioning at static mode. An optional silver-ion Nylon/PU cover is also available to increase the antimicrobial effect. With clear weight indicator reference dial adjustment, Apex is easy to use and is recommended for patients at medium risk to high risk of pressure ulcers.

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Minimal operating and ambient noise
Static function for nursing procedures
Easily accessible single tag CPR facility
Low-pressure detection for patient safety
Easy to use adjustment settings