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The WASSENBURG DRY300  (pass through) drying and conditioning cabinets provide safe storage for the delicate flexible endoscopes, whereby traceability of the endoscope is an important starting point.

Traceability as a starting point

Flexible endoscopes in the WASSENBURG® DRY300 series can be identified and process results per endoscope are available both during the process and on unloading. Prior to opening the electronically locked doors of the drying cabinet, the system will ask for user authorisation. With the optional WASSENBURG®PROCESS MANAGER traceability and management software (also available for the WASSENBURG®endoscope washer disinfectors) the data will be digitally stored on a computer.

Available as a pass through model

The WASSENBURG® DRY300 drying and conditioning cabinet is also available as a pass through model, offering optimum endoscope routing. With over 25 years of experience, Wassenburg can advise you on the best logistic plan for routing your flexible endoscopes.

Vertical storage for up to 10 endoscopes

The vertical hanging position gives optimum protection of the endoscope and is in line with the recommendations of the British Society of Gastroenterology. The cabinet can hold up to 10 endoscopes. Each endoscope is connected separately to the system for drying the internal channels of the endoscope in which 0.2μm filtered compressed air is used.

Safe storage for up to 72 hours

The WASSENBURG® DRY300 series is validated to maintain the washed and disinfected state of the endoscope for up to 72 hours! The installation of a WASSENBURG® DRY300 or DRY300D system offers substantial cost savings due to the reduced requirement for processing endoscopes in the endoscope washer disinfector and also saves valuable time during the day

Clear visibility of the endoscopes

The glazed doors and internal halogen lighting in the DRY300 series gives good visibility of the endoscopes and makes identification possible without opening the system.

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