stack system. sony trinitron monitor, olympus otv s6 camera control, CLV-S20 light source and UHI Insufflator


UHI Insufflator

The UHI-4 insufflation unit has a high maximum flow rate and advanced functionality. With automatic smoke evacuation capability, a new small cavity mode and continual display of key parameters in real time, the UHI-4 enhances performance and reliability in demanding surgical laparoscopy environments.

Olympus CLV-U20 light source

The CLV-U20 is a versatile xenon light source which can be combined with various systems.The light intensity for still photography is able to increase to 1.5 times the maximum viewing illumination, allowing for crisp, bright images. The CLV-U20 satisfies virtually all endoscopic requirements.

Olympus OTV-S6 Camera Control Unit

  • Versatile line-up meets specific requirements of all fields
  • Sensitivity increased by 40 percent for clearer images
  • Outstanding operability increases procedural efficiency
  • Menu screen lets you customize images to suit your requirements

UHI Insufflator brochure

CLV-S20 light source brochure


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