Labcaire Autoscope Guardian G4 Endoscope Cleaner with water filtration system


the Autoscope Guardian has been substantially redesigned and now not only offers unrivalled operator protection, but also the best in patient protection and safety.

Guardian G4 independently controlled twin bath system is capable of processing up to four flexible endoscopes. A stand-alone water filtration module is included with each unit providing bacteria free water directly into the process chamber. All Guardian models are compatible with a wide range of commercially available disinfectants and if connected to the Labcaire AutoGen chemical generator, your system will be able to use single shop chemicals.

Each unit benefits from a double hinged sealed lid over the molded GRP tray creating a secure cleaning and disinfection chamber. An integrated spray bar and spinner system is designed to remove soil in accordance with HTM2030 and independently distribute disinfectant globally within the chamber.

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Assured Safety:

All operating cycles in the AUTOSCOPE GUARDIAN are carried out behind a locked and sealed chamber door. This ensures both operator and patient safety is optimized as it removes the possibility of accidental opening, unauthorized access or spillages and splashes from the chamber.

If necessary, access to the chamber can be achieved with the use of a special key in case of emergencies and the ability to test and validate to the latest standards. The unique design of the sealed door still ensures continuous purging of the chamber and all chemical fumes are fully contained by the machine in its large capacity activated carbon filter. The air leaving the carbon filter is constantly monitored to alert the operator when a replacement is necessary. Differing types of carbon filters are available to ensure compatibility with all known types of chemical disinfectant or sterilant.

The Autoscope Guardian Range of AERs has been designed, constructed and independently tested to ensure compliance with HTM2030 and BS EN ISO 15883-I:2006.


AutoGen Chemical Generator

A generator for single-use disinfectants for use with the Autoscope 2 and Autoscope Guardian range of Automated Endoscope Reprocessors (AER)

Autoscope Compatibility:

The Labcaire AutoGen single-use generator is compatible with all Labcaire Autoscope 2 and Guardian ranges. These include:

  • Autoscope Guardian G2
  • Autoscope Guardian G4
  • Autoscope Guardian G2R
  • Autoscope Guardian G4R
  • Autoscope Guardian G4FR
  • Autoscope F2
  • Autoscope F4
  • Autoscope RF2
  • Autoscope RF4

Models overview:

AUTOSCOPE GUARDIAN G4 – Disinfection System for up to 4 flexible endoscopes


0.2um Final water filter

Fitted to the outlet tap ensuring the rinse water is filtered immediately prior to entering the chamber

Raiser Bridge Connector

Allows processing of scopes without the need to manually disinfect the Raiser Bridge Channel (Optional)

Cycle Printer

Gives a hardcopy report on all variables from a successful or failed operating cycle

Electronic Data Storage

Enables cycle data to be stored on compact ‘smart cards’ and audited on standard PC (optional)

Individual Channel Connections

Ensures that each channel on the endoscope is individually irrigated and constantly monitored for blockages, leaks or disconnection

Water Filtration Unit:

Each unit is supplied with a separate water filtration system to provide bacteria free (0.2 micron filtered) water for each stage of the cleaning process. The system is also used for automatic daily disinfection of the bacterial filter, water pipelines, machine internal pipelines, irrigation systems, and detergent dosing system. The operator is also advised when the bacterial filter is approaching the end of it’s life.

Note: There is no water filtration system with a Sterilox unit, the rinse water is supplied direct from the Sterilox generator. Multi-stage pharmaceutically validated water filtration. Easily disinfected in-situ Bacteria Free Water