medical suction vitalograph emergency aspirator



The Vitalograph Emergency Aspirator offers outstanding handheld portable suction for most emergency situations and is capable of producing a maximum vacuum of 450mmHg. All parts of the unit may be cleaned and cold sterilised and each unit is supplied complete with 9mm and 6mm catheter mounts, a 9mm catheter and instructions.

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Product Emergency Aspirator
Model Number 2510
Size 165 x 165 x 87mm (Adult)
Weight 400 g net
Vacuum Produced After 1 stroke: 120mm Hg/16kPa
After 2 strokes: 190mm Hg/25kPa
After 3 strokes: 220mm Hg/29kPa
Maximum: 450mm Hg/60kPa
Free Air Flow 4.56 L/min at 120 cycles/min
Aspirate Container Capacity 240 ml
Overflow Safeguard Aspirator functions normally with automatic aspirate ejection
Catheter Mount External: 17mm
Internal: 9mm std/6mm universal
Operating Temperature Range -20° to 50°C
Cleaning Cold liquid
Power Source Manual
Performance Standards ISO 10079-2
Safety Standards CE Mark
Designed and manufactured to following QA/GMP standards CE 0086
ISO 13485:2003
FDA 21CFR820