ambu portable uni-suction pump



The Ambu Uni-Suction Pump has a special design that makes it possible to operate the pump pneumatically by oxygen or manually by hand or foot.

The integrated vacuum limiting valve reduces the negative pressure to 150-200 mm HG for tracheal suction and for the use on small children.

The high performance of the Ambu Uni-Suction Pump allows a mean free airflow of 20 liters/min with a maximum negative pressure up to approximately 550 mm Hg.

The Ambu Uni-Suction Pump has a wide base and low profile that provides a stabile ground during use. Additionally the solid construction allows it to be used under adverse conditions in most climates.


Vacuum: 550 mm Hg
Size: 260 x 170 x 130 mm
Max flow: 20 l/min
Weight: 2100 g
Reservoir capacity: 600 ml
Pressure limiting valve: 150-200 mm Hg
Oxygen consumption: less than 10 l/min
Container and tube parts are autoclavable at 121° Celsius

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