Acuson Computed Sonography 128 XP/10 Ultrasound Scanner with Ten Transducers



Acuson Computed Sonography 128 XP/10 Ultrasound Scanner with Ten Transducers (V7, C544, V328, S228, V5, V4C, EC7, C3, C7, L7) No Power

The Acuson 128XP/10 ultrasound system is a high quality system in the low- to mid-price range that meets a low-cost standard for shared-services applications.

This unit comes with many transducers. For full inventory look at the images attached.

The Acuson 12XP/10 has an outstanding reputation for reliability and good image quality make it a great choice for any imaging facility on a budget needing a shared-services system. This was the most popular shared-services systems in the early 2000’s in the refurbished system market because of its reliability, image quality and popular name. The ACUSON™ 128XP10 computed sonography system was considered by many to be the Gold Standard in Ultrasound imaging, it has always been what other ultrasound imagers aspired to be. The ability to upgrade to the most current version has made it the most versatile and reliable ultrasound system on the market. That means that even the oldest units can be upgraded to the most current version available. This means that the Acuson™ 128XP10 can’t become obsolete. When a new version is available, simply upgrade this machine to the newest version and you have the newest model. This ultrasound equipment can be used for a variety of applications, including OB/GYN, Vascular, and Cardiac. This model is user friendly with the control panel and keyboard right at your fingertips.

Imaging Modes
• 2-D
• M-Mode
• Color Flow
• CW Doppler(option)
• PW Doppler

Acuson 128xp10 Features

  • ART (Acoustic Response Technology)
  • Software Revision 23-27
  • 128 Channel imaging
  • Triple Frequency (F1, F2 & F3)
  • Color Dopple, and Triplex Doppler Modes
  • B Color (Colorization), and Color Flow
  • Cineloop & Strip Cine
  • EC, 2-D, M-Mode
  • Auxiliary CW, Spectral, and PW Doppler
  • Built in S-VHS VCR
  • User friendly with a 9″ or 12″ High Resolution Monitor, full range of printer options, and easy to use control panel and keyboard
  • Dimensions: Height 51.5 in, Width 25 in, Depth 37.5 in, 465 lbs

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