Soluset 100 Burette IV



  • The Pediatric I.V. Infusion Sets are specially designed to administer measured volume of infusion fluid through gravity as well as pressure pump method in children.


  •    Clear, soft, cylindrical and calibrated measured volume chamber with bold graduations.
  •    Bacteria retentive air inlet.   15 µm fluid filter.
  •    Automatic  shut  off  valve  prevent  air  trapping  in  the  fluid  line  once  the measured volume  chamber is empty, and it also indicates the level of liquid.
  •    Approximately 60 drops/ml.
  •    Soft and Kink resistant PVC tubing.
  •    Tube length options: 150 cm, 180 cm, 200 cm.
  •    Available sizes: 100 ml (Code: 1016-100), 150 ml (Code:  1016-150).


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