softcare soap dispenser



Moulded in ABS plastic the dispenser is strong, easy to keep clean, impact resistant and will not corrode. Simple operation encourages regular use. A transparent panel in the front of the dispenser enables the user to view the product name and the level of the contents. Easily fitted to any surface, either with integral self adhesive pads or with the screws provided.

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Bacterial Liquid Soap (H4): An unperfumed bactericidal soap for use in food preparation areas (6 x 800ml). Mild Liquid Soap (H2): A mild hand washing cream for frequent use (6 x 800ml). Foam Soap (H4): An antibacterial foam soap (6 x 700ml). Liquid Soap Dispenser: (item 042300) Liquid soap refills (items: 042308, 042302). Foam Soap Dispenser: (item 026980) Foam soap refill (item: 880002).

• ABS plastic, push button system
• Adhesive or screw-fix
• Keyless locking mechanism
• Dispenser size: 250mm(h) x 158mm(w) x 108mm(d)