Rusch Pure Gold 2-way Coude Tip Latex Catheter



Features of the Rusch Pure Gold 2-Way Coude Tip Latex Catheter: 2-Way Coude/Tiemann catheter. 1 Eye 5cc balloon, 16″ long. Single-use. Sterile. PTFE (poly tetra fluro ethelyne) coated. Gold color.

Rusch pure Gold PTFE Coated Latex 2 way has 1 eye, and a Coude/Tiemann Tip. It has a 5cc balloon, is 40 cm (16″) long and color coded. It is sterile for single use. When you want a standard latex foley catheter, Rusch pureGOLD is the answer. They are gold in color for Rusch brand identity and offer a standard PTFE (PTFE type) coating.

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  • Minimizes leakage and maximizes drainage
  • Silicone coating eases the catherization process
  • 16″ long, 2-way & sterile
  • Easily inflatable 30cc balloon