gammex pf dermaprene ansell (Surgical Handgloves)



Gammex® PF DermaPrene® surgical gloves are both latex-free and chemical accelerator-free, making them the ideal choice for those suffering from a latex allergy or chemical sensitivity. Manufactured from a new generation neoprene blend, Gammex PF DermaPrene surgical gloves mimic the characteristics of natural rubber latex, and provide increased tensile strength and greater puncture resistance.

Special Features

  • Neoprene formulation produces a soft, comfortable glove with enhanced fit and feel
  • Powder-free and chemical accelerator-free
  • Latex-free surgical gloves, containing no natural rubber latex associated proteins
  • Polyurethane (animal free) lining contains hydrophilic and hydrophobic domains, which facilitate dry, damp and double donning
  • Mild textured finish for excellent grip and secure handling of instruments in wet and dry conditions
  • Neoprene formulation provides greater puncture resistance and improved sensitivity
  • Green colour for instant identification as a synthetic glove
  • Thinner fingers and palm for increased tactile sensitivity
  • Widened thumb ball for reduced palm pressure and improved comfort
  • Maintains shape and fit with hand moisture.
  • Straight, thinner cuff for improved comfort
  • Longer cuff length (305mm)
  • Wide ‘sticky band’ positioned at the cuff end to secure gown and prevent roll down
  • Cuff printing of brand, size and L and R for easy identification

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