monokit flow meter collection liner for fluid suction canister



The disposable containers MONOKIT® are used for the collection of organic fluids in suction field. Designed and manufactured for applications of “high flow and high vacuum”, the MONOKIT® containers represent the highest expression in terms of practicality and safety for the operators, for the hospital plant and for the environment, thanks to the use of absolutely reliable manufacturing materials. With MONOKIT® the use and the replacement operations are very simple, thus reducing in each application the plant stops. Moreover flow-meter studied and carried out a complete accessories range to cover the greatest number of hospital applications.Thanks to their great versatility and simplicity, the MONOKIT® disposable containers for suctioned liquids are used with considerable success in General and Special Surgery and in Intensive Care treatments. They are made of an outer rigid reusable jar and a disposable soft liner bag which is hermetically welded to a lid. This lid has ports allowing connection to the suction line and to the patient. A mechanical overflow valve or an antibacterial and hydrophobic shut-off filter made of GORETM Medical Membrane protect the suction equipment and/or the vacuum plant. This filter also performs the function of overflow valve, by stopping the suction when the maximum level of filling has been reached. A graduated scale, printed on the external jar, allows the monitoring of the volume of collected fluid. The hermetic lid sealing makes it particularly hygienic, simple and safe during disposal, both for the patient and for the staff charged to remove and replace the liners.

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with mechanical valve

with hydrophobic valve

Maximum volume collected

1800 ml

Overflow valve

mechanical type with float

Hydrophobic of GORE™
with NO-SMOKE® protection

Maximum filter porosity

Antibacteria protection


VACUUM port Ø 8.0÷9.2 mm
PATIENT port Ø 9.8÷11.5 (Ø 8.0÷9.2 mm with elbow connector)
Maximum vacuum value 750 mbar (570 mm Hg)
Maximum flow value 42 LPM under the recommended conditions
Maximum graduation interval 50 ml
Patient hose dimensions inner Ø ≥ 6 mm – L max = 2.5 m
Supply hose dimensions inner Ø ≥ 6 mm – L max = 1.8 m