Ohmeda 200 Continuous Vacuum Regulator



  • Ohmeda vacuum regulators with color coded Standard gauge (0-200mm Hg -Full Vac or 0-760 mm Hg -High Vac) provide regulated suction from a piped vacuum system. Control knob regulates vacuum levels from zero to full line vacuum in one complete turn.
  • Ohmeda Medical 200 Continuous Vacuum Regulators provide regulated, continuous suction for tracheal and pharyngeal airway management, surgical procedures, and continuous naso-gastric drainage. The Continuous Vacuum Regulator is compact, lightweight and specially designed to be both durable and serviceable. An industry standard, it includes several models and convenient features designed to improve suctioning procedures and enhance clinical practice throughout the hospital. Modular design makes maintenance and repairs both quick and easy.
  • The Three Mode High Continuous models provide adjustable vacuum from zero to full-line vacuum. The three mode model offers a MAX mode which provides unrestricted full-line vacuum for emergencies. The low model includes a vacuum relief valve to limit maximum negative pressure to 18 kPa (140 mm Hg). The low model is classified as low vacuum, high flow. The gauge needle on the high models are color coded orange to indicate high vacuum while the gauge needle on the low model is color coded green to indicate low vacuum. For patient safety in case of accidental connection to a positive pressure gas, these regulators are equipped with a positive pressure relief valve.
  • Continuous Vacuum Regulator with Low Vac or High Vac gauge for use with all common suction therapy procedures. Regulator shall provide continuous, regulated suction from a piped vacuum system. Gauge is calibrated in with kPa and mm Hg and is protected with a snap-fit lens. Suction Control Knob is large and unobstructed. Mode Selector Switch has a toggle action for easy, positive selection which shows the selected mode from a distance. Components are modular for ease of replacement. Vacuum regulator is compact, lightweight and made of strong, break-resistant plastic. It shall be equipped with specified probe, fitting and accessories. Regulator Module and Gauge are interchangeable with Ohmeda Intermittent Suction Unit (ISU).

Quiet, reliable operation
Dependable, time tested gauge and controls
Provides Full Vac regulation
Low maintenance, easy to service
Economically packaged replacement parts