jet ventilation catheter



Allows a safe and atraumatic transtracheal access for oxygenation/ventilation with a manual jet (Manujet III) or an automatic High Frequency Jet Ventilator.


  • Steel Needle for easy puncture without incision and kink-free insertion of the catheter
  • Luer Lock Connection for manual Jet (Manujet III) or automatic Jet Ventilator
  • Engineered for reliability and streamlined maintenance.
  • 15mm connection for oxygenation with a resuscitator
  • Flange with necktape for a safe and kink-free fixation of the catheter
  • Teflon catheter allows laser surgery; anatomically curved
  • Lateral Holes keep the catheter away from the tracheal wall and reduce the “Venturi” effect

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