drager cato anesthesia machine PM8050CD



Anaesthesia Device CATO

Mobile anaesthesia workstation for automatic ventilation (IPPV), synchronised, intermittent, mandatory ventilation (SIMV), manual ventilation and spontaneous ventilation.

Adult Patient Circuit (NEO mode, Pressure Limited Ventilation, 20 ml volume).

Flowtubes: Air, N2O and O2,

Man. /Spontan., IPPV and SIMV modes,

Volume Controlled min. 50 ml.


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  • Universal anaesthetic apparatus
  • inhalation-anaesthesia in closed and half-closed Systems
  • Low-Flow
  • Minimal-Flow
  • integrated Monitoring DräGer PM8040 and PM8050cd
  • Printer AR8002
  • Parameter:
  • Monitoring mit folgenden Parametern:
  • N2O + CO2, O2, SpO2, NIPB, ECG, Temperature, Spirometry
  • automatic ventilation